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The Shenanigans Banned was founded in March 2006. Initially for a St Patricks night gig at the Laxey Sailing Club. Since that time the band has evolved and become one of the Islands favorite musical curiosities.

The ‘folk revival’ that has occurred in the last few years has seen a number of bands taking different ways. The purist folk movement probably frown on the Shenanigans and their highly Shenanigan style (murdering) of performing some classical traditional folk songs.

However, the band would argue that in their original form folk songs were passed on, changed , adapted by each performer to suit the performers individual skills and adapted to suit particular audiences. Overall the main objective was to entertain and tell a story.

The Shenanigans (with the kind permission of Jean Slack) make a point of playing a number of Stuart Slack songs. They see them as an important part of our recent heritage which will be lost if the songs are not performed live to local audiences. Although tweaked, the band try and deliver the songs in the spirit which Stuart would have wished and enjoyed.

In addition the band perform songs adapted and written by the band and local poet and writer Mike Culligan, that address local issues in a highly original manner.

The Shenanigans firmly believe there is a place for all live musical entertainment.
A review in the Manx Independent stated the Shenanigans were musically positioned somewhat nearer to the “Purple Helmets” motorcycle display team than other mainline folk bands! A comment that the band took great delight in.

The Shenanigans have been likened to Music Hall performers with the audience exchanges, general banter and jokes all adding to the fun of the performance.

What you can say is that the ShenaniganS Banned give a truly memorable individual act of unrivalled entertainment.

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